Elephantt is a company originating from a family-owned business that has been involved in renting and servicing portable toilets since the 1990s.

In the rapidly developing global market, thanks to the experience gained in the family business of portable toilets, we introduced automatic public toilets as pioneers in Poland. For many years, we were the only business in the country producing automatic public toilets, while expanding our product range with ever newer models and innovative technological solutions, and serving as a role model for many.

After years of steady development and experience, we have become the largest company in Poland and one of the leading companies in Europe specialising in the design and production of prefabricated monolithic automatic public toilets.

By constantly working with research and scientific centres, we conduct studies and make sure that our products become more technologically advanced, that they have the highest quality, and, most importantly, that they are environmentally friendly thanks to the use of renewable energy and composites obtained from recycling processes.
We are open to feedback from our customers and we have been collecting information about working automatic public toilets for many years so that we can constantly perfect our products and improve them for you.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we have a qualified team providing professional advice for our clients (public institutions, design offices, designers, and architects) and all interested parties at every stage of the investment process.   

Our best credentials are over 2,000 projects in Poland and throughout Europe.

We present you the next stage of Ecogigant’s development:

– new design,

– new technologies with innovative systems used in the production of automatic public toilets,

– new location with a modern production hall,

– new offices for a team of specialists serving our customers in sales and marketing consultancy.

We are changing for you, and we’d like to invite you to cooperate with us.

Best regards
Łukasz Trębacz
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)